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Stimpzilla's Sumptuary Law

Always Dress Above Your Station


Custom Renaissance Dress

Providing period accurate renaissance court dress for both men and women of noble birth. We will tailor the finest renaissance wedding gown, or doublet to suit your needs. Stimpzilla's clothing is made to flatter the figure of the Elizabethan and Italian renaissance costume and is custom fit to you. We promise to construction the finest in renaissance dress be it doublets, sword cloaks or gowns that challenge the Sumptuary Laws

Premier tailor of the finest in renaissance dress.
Only for the  noble of birth, and to the court itself.

renaissance doublet with rapier
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Basket hilt renaissance rapier
courtesy of Darksword Armory


renaissance gown
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We all know that any press is good press.
With gossip being one of the mainstays of court life, what better way
to be noticed by Her Royal Majesty than to dress a bit above our station.

At our studio we strive to get our clients on
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Sumptuary List

Elizabethan Renaissance Gown and Renaissance Wedding Gowns Information

If you desire a Renaissance gown suitable for court to wear at your next Renaissance Faire, or SCA event, or wedding  we will be pleased to custom to design the perfect gown for you.  We believe you deserve the gown of your dreams.  We strive to make you attire that best suits your individual taste be it Elizabethan, Italian, or courtesan.  We are most pleased to design the perfect custom renaissance wedding gown just for you.

Stimpzilla's Sumptuary Law is now intrroducing renaissance doublets, sword cloaks, slops and cannions for the noble Lord. The same attention to detail and research can be expected in our men's court dress as that for the Ladies.

We work hard researching the period techniques for clothing construction and offer you the best possible options in order to create individual custom  gowns with unique details.  We offer one of a kind gowns, so that you will not go to an event and see another person wearing the same attire.  While some may consider our work as costume, we make our attire with all the care and detail that would have been expected by clients of a renaissance tailor from the time period.

Occasionally we have ready to wear gowns available.  So if you haven't planned ahead, or have an unexpected SCA or Faire event and need a  dress in a hurry, please feel free to contact us on this matter.

We offer timely and reliable service and exacting tailoring for your SCA gown, renaissance wedding gown, or court gown, and while we specalize in the Elizabethan period we are quite capable of lovely creations of many eras.

Our garb construction is known among courtiers for being of the highest quality. We would further boast that many of our clients have made the Queen's Sumptuary List, and have gone on to marry into the noblest of houses.


We encourage the beading of pearls
and precious gems
Luxuriate in fabrics beyond one's station
Cloth of Gold and Venetian Trims
Passment lace of gold or silver
Fur of sables, Embroidery with silk

Come taste the forbidden pleasures.
Attire yourself in a Renaissance Gown
and make all the other courtiers envy you

However if you be the Queen Herself we promise
a gown more magnificent than all the others.

Elizabethan Tudor Renaissance Jewerly

We have now added a line of Renaissance Tudor jewelry for all to adorn themselves with. Wondrous chains. collars, girdles necklaces an cacanets are now available to the Nobles of court. Belts in the Elizabethan style all ready for your own personal adornment. A cacanet and necklace combination in gold and pearls waiting for thy Lady's neck. A girdle to tie about her waist. And a collar or chain for your Lord made of gilt pewter to show his magnificence and power to the world. All styled in the Tudor, Elizabethan and renaissance periods, our jewelry will give your court attire the finishing touch to make Holbein desire to paint your portrait.

A welcome and wondrous accessory to any Noble's costume.

Stimpzillas Sumptuary Law