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Elizabethan Gown Renaissance Dress

This page shows information about our brocade renaissance gown. The bodice and overskirt are made of a patterned red brocade. The underskirt and sleeves are made of navy blue silk shot with black, and trimmed with red beaded silk.
This gown is made in the early Elizabethan style.
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Elizabethan Gown renaissance Dress
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Renaissance Dress
Elizabethan Gown Renaissance Dress
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Elizabethan Gown Renaissance Dress
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Elizabethan Gown Renaisaance Dress
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Elizabethan Gown Renaissance Dress
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Elizabethan Gown Renaissance Dress
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Renaissance Dress Details


The outside of the bodice is made of a tapestry fabric that is gold and blue with highlights of green and red.  Lined in black cotton and interlined with stiff canvas and an additional layer of cotton. There are ten bones in the front and four in the back, in order to achieve the correct look for the time period.  The bodice has  edge has 12 tabs along the bottm edge, and the shoulders shoulders have 5 tabs on each side. .  All edges are piped ingold for a finished appearance and for strength.  All piping tabs and trim on the bodice are hand sewn.

The back closure laces up the back with gold toned grommets  This bodice is made to last.  There is a 6" modesty panel to accommodate changing sizes. There is a 6" modesty panel to accommodate changing sizes. 


The sleeves are made of deep navy blue silk shot with black and are lined in black cotton.  The cuffs are trimed with red silk shot with black that is woven in a window pane pattern.  Each singular pane has three red faux pearls that are hand sewn onto the trim.  All trim is hand sewn to the sleeves which  attach to the bodice using small hidden loops and are laced to the shoulder, giving the wearer of this gown the option not wearing the sleeeves on hot days.


The overskirt is made of the tpaestry fabric used on the bodice. It is hand cartridge pleated into the waist band.  This  will not look skimpy around your hoop.  It is trimmed in the same trim as the bodice. The size is adjustable in the front with hook and eyes.


The underskirt is made of  black lining fabric, that is very slippery so that it slides easily over your hoop.  The fore-panel is made from the navy blue and black shot silk as the sleeves and is backed by heavy cotton canvas.  This was done to give further substance to the fore-panel so that the boning in the hoops does not show through. (A proper lady does not show her bones)  The skirt is trimed with more of the red hand pearled silk and is hand sewn.  There is  a no-roll elastic waist band for comfort


There is a choice of three sizes all of which have a  6" modesty panel allows for additional sizing.  (You would want your chest to be a bit fuller for the full "fluffly" look that is correct for the period) It is highly unusal for us to make multiple gowns but the fabric was avalible at a good price and we loved it.

Size A: No Longer Available The waist is fully closed at 28 "  with a chest measurement of aprox. 34"

Size B: No Longer AvaiaibleThe waist is fully closed at 33 "  with a chest measurement of aprox. 38" 

Size C:No Longer AvailableThe waist is fully closed at  36 "  with a chest measurement of aprox. 42". 

Please ask any questions about correct sizing. 

Waist on the overskirt and underskirt are adjustable in proportion to the bodice size.

Please remember to add room for any underpinnings such as a chemise or corset to the measurements. 


Gown must be dry cleaned and I like to scotch guard mine.  (Makes  Faire dust easier to shake out)  Can be cleaned with Dryell

The cost of this gown is $500

Bumroll and farthingale are not included

Gown will be shipped unhemmed so that you can have it fit correctly over your own farthingale and bumroll should you be wearing them

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.